Take The Personal Resilience Assessment

How well do you bounce back from challenges when things don’t go as planned?

This assessment assesses your level of resilience and provides insight into areas you can improve for reaching your full potential for productivity and happiness.  We've based this assessment on the four pillars of resilience identified by Steven Covey, one of the top leadership consultants in the world and author of "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

The four pillars are:

Mental         Physical         Emotional          Spiritual

By addressing these four elements, you'll find that your resilience levels will improve and you will grow stronger as well as reducing or beating anxiety - the new modern epidemic!
Do you know how resilient you are?

To get a good idea of how resilient you are, for each statement, click the button below to start. Try to answer questions as you are, rather than as you think you should be.